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  • Origine: CN(Origine)
  • Marca: Hiprecy
  • Numero Di Modello: S6
  • Tipo Di Elemento: scheda madre

Modulo SD 4050v1.0 guarnizione di plastica del cavo dello schermo con parti stampate per LEO stampante 3d di aggiornamento

Adatto per LEO stampante 3d kit di aggiornamento del Pacchetto : 1.6 pin (6 mm) *1 2.Modulo SD 4050v1.0 *1 3.Il cavo del Display *1 4.Guarnizione di plastica*4 5. Parti stampate *1

This set is absolutely needed to run the stock display on a Hiprecy Leo with an S6 controllerboard. With the original cardreader which ran with the F6 controllerboard I was unable to read SD cards with the 32 bit S6 installed. I already tested the new version and it is working nicely now. Beware: my wire harness came with the EXP1 connector 180 degrees turned. I had to remove the wires and re-insert them correctly. Fortunately, this swap didn't cause disasters...boards usually don't like swapped powerlines.
Semargl Alex3
ok, no complaints.

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